So, today May-August programme landed on my mat with some excellent news in it. So I thought I ought to do an upcoming post and see if anyone else is interested in anything. I should also link you to my - I already have tickets for these, but you can get your own and come with if you want.

If there is a run of dates below, I generally default to the Thursday as it clashes with least things for me. If other people want to come then Fridays and Saturdays may also be doable.


(Birmingham Royal Ballet) Wed 24th - Sat 27th September. I saw this a couple of years ago and it was stunning.

(Stomp) Tues 28th Oct - Sat 1st Nov. Took my mum to see this once - so much fun! (Come on, you've seen them on Blue Peter)

(New Adventures (Matthew Bourne)) Tues 25th - Sat 29th November . Matthew Bourne's ballets are usually a whole lot of fun and I am kicking myself that I ignored it last time it came round. [Link when available]


(John Godber) Wed 30th April - Sat 3rd May. Looks like it could be fun?

(Kill the Beast) Thurs 5th - Fri 6th June (This really does need to be Thursday). This is from the people that did the excellent, much raved about, The Boy Who Kicked Pigs. Got to go see this one. Werewolf themed. I will probably book this quite soon - studio performance, good reputation... worried about seats.

(Hull Truck) Tues 10th - Sat 14th June. Very influential film.

(National Theatre) Thurs 18th Dec - Sat 10th Jan. Not high on my list I gotta admit but it has received a lot of good reviews.

(UK Touring) Wed 3rd Jun - Sat 25th July 2015. It's Wicked!


I am going to be in London for two Conventions in August but will have three days in the middle. I know I want to go see and , but haven't yet booked anything. If anyone wants to join me for either of these let me know. My three free days/evenings are Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th August. I would like to book Let The Right One In fairly soon to get reasonable seats and avoid booking fees.

I'm also usually up for going to stuff at in Liverpool. Although I don't tend to get excited by Shakespeare, I hear good things of (Liverpool) and I would love to see the new Everyman - looks excellent from the outside.

So, if anyone wants to see any of those, email me or otherwise contact me by any sensible method and let me know... Or if there's owt you think I've missed.

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