Some questions and answers on Science Fiction

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I would do a short interview for a university project on Science Fiction. Unfortunately, it fell through, but not before I'd done some preparatory work and had, what I think are, some interesting points I wanted to make. So now I'm going to inflict them all on you. Aren't you lucky 8-)

The bits that I really ended up thinking about are numbers X and X, so if you want to avoid too much of my rambling, you can skip ahead. But I think there's interesting stuff in the other questions too.

City of London Survey

There are a couple of surveys, consultations and calls for evidence which are kinda important at the moment - particularly on trans issues. I'm going to have a look at the GRA consultation later and then maybe the Equality Act enforcement call for evidence, but that's much more free-form. Today, I'm looking at a City of London survey. This guidance is written by a queer AMAB (Assigned Male At Birth) non-binary person and is intended for those who are supportive of trans people. Transphobes and other bigots can probably find their own guidance and suggestions elsewhere.

Lush, SpyCops and Police Interaction with Freedom of Speech

This entry is adapted from a letter I just sent to my MP. I have very little hope in actually seeing a response or action from her, so I include it here.

A bit of a ramble on Section 28 at 30

Thirty years ago today I was two days shy of my fifth birthday. I was in my first year of compulsory schooling at a Church of England school. I was either in, or looking forward to, a half-term holiday. It's entirely possible I'd already read all the Peter and Jane books I was meant to read over the next few years.

But, at five, Section 28 was not exactly on my radar.

Nottingham Puppet Festival

Ay Up Puppets!

Well, wasn't that a wonderful weekend? Puppets, marionettes, automata and shadows took over Nottingham.

Rough Runner

Two weeks ago saw me completing the last of my Charity Challenges this year - a 5k Rough inyRunner; basically a 5k course with large Total Wipeout-style obstacles.

For those who are coming to this later even than me, two weeks ago was Storm Brian. Yep. I ran a 5k obstacle course the day after a named storm. Hi Brian. Thankfully we ran it on the Sunday and not the day of the storm itself, but it was the muddy aftereffects we had to deal with. It was cold, it was windy, there was rain and, mostly, it was muddy. So very very muddy.

AI Recognition of Sexuality??

The latter half of this week has seen a lot of media reporting on a new study into AI recognising sexuality from face pictures:

Bullock Smithy

This weekend was the big weekend, my first ever , the 56 mile hike over 24 hours in the, aptly named, Peak District. I got talked into this crazy adventure back in January by a colleague. for Albert Kennedy Trust and Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Yorkshire Three Peaks

Yesterday (Saturday 24th June 2017), I did the first of my : The Yorkshire Three Peaks.


Some of you probably know the bare bones of what I'm about to lay out here, but with 100 days to go, I felt today was a good day to "officially launch" the campaign.

I have been talked into doing a rather silly thing... . This is a 56 mile hike.

A 56 mile hike in the Peak District.

A 56 mile hike in the Peak District completed within 24 hours.

And it's happening in 100 days time (and about three hours)


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