Gay vs Human

When you read , bear in mind that :

...What is remembered from 1968 is neither the number nor the names of those who boycotted the Games, but the ‘human rights salute’ by Tommie Smith and John Carlos who rose black-gloved fists and bowed their heads on the victory stand as a sign of resistance to racial injustice and solidarity with everyone who fought for equality and human rights.


And then on Western interference (It's also worth reading, from the same blog, ).

Of course "gay rights" are important and I have and will continue to fight for them. But the fight for "gay rights", for me, is the fight for queer people to be accepted as humans falling under human rights. if the Human Rights we have are being stripped away and abused then the "gay rights" fight means nothing.

This smoke-screen effect is part of ... it provided a thing he could point at that we could all go "yay" about while he continues to (seriously, I cannot recommend that report enough!).

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