And so it begins...

I got talked into doing something I vowed I'd never do... I've *whispers* joined a gym.

At school, I hated PE in all its forms. It was all about competitiveness (really not my thing) and an assumption that you were just competent - for example the utter humiliation of the "cross country" sessions where I was in the "snails" group and expected to just do a "cross country" run.

Anyway, a few years back, I took part in a Santa Dash and used the Couch-to-5k training programme alongside a friend. There was a plan. There was a ridiculously low assumption start. It was OK to take breaks. There was progress. There was a friend to push me along to meet those plans. And I managed it...

... well, OK, I messed up in the "race" itself - I had to overtake people to get to a position where I could run at natural pace and that meant over-exerting myself at the start and... bleh.

But yeah, now a gym. A new one opened in Warrington, rolling monthly contract, pre-opening introductory offer, just round the corner, classes... I could maybe do this. And it would be nice to be marginally fitter when I go to New Zealand...

Turns out they're not the earthly representation of hell I remember from high school.

I have been going a couple of times a week for about a month now. I took advantage of a personal trainer session to learn that my treadmill and bike aerobic plans were not as useful as I had thought and built up some confidence in using some of the more weight-based machines and TRX and power plates and stuff. And I've been following up with that mostly.

And then, Thursday, I went to my first class - Circuit Training. I remembered to go at my own pace, to keep going and to treat it as a baseline - I will improve (believe me, there is so much space for improvement 8-).

And then, I've joined a weight loss course...Well, first week was just measurements so here's the bad numbers:

109.5 (I assume this is kilograms - 17.25 Stone according to Google)
Body Fat
36.5% (apparently, this is technically obese...)

My Weight Loss Bible says I need to answer three questions:

The What
I don't like to specify numbers, I don't know what is realistic, the main purpose of losing weight is so I'm not embarrassed about tucking in a shirt or t-shirt, I'm not worried about it lifting up, maybe even *whispers* not afraid of taking the top off... I guess this means taking my body fat index down, ideally below 25% and into the "acceptable" range, this would mean coming down to about 87kg, or a loss of 22.5kg (another 6kg would take me to "fitness") - is that feasible over 6 weeks? possibly not (I dunno?) but as a long term goal I guess it is
The Why
This has mostly been answered above... Or, more flippantly, I want to be able to focus on a different body image problem
The Cost
A few times at the gym every week and, reluctantly, some diet changes. I don't think I'm going to be able to completely cut out everything they're suggesting (no cheese??) but I can certainly try and cut it down... significantly. Cereal without sugar (fruit can sweeten it instead...), no coke, no cheese (WTF???) and no (well, less) sweets...

So, there we have it... Alex on a fitness kick... Hopefully, unlike what , it'll actually increase my practical homosexuality!

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