Welcome to penwing.site, the website of Alex Lambert (penwing) a 29 year old queer geek from Warrington UK.

I blog about all sorts, but mostly on topics with some intersection with topics as diverse as:

  • politics - I consider myself a left wing person who cares about and supports the welfare state and civil liberties
  • queer - I'm queer, I care about queer issues, go figure
  • digital age - I have grown up in a digital age, I believe it's where a whole load of civil liberties fights are going to need to be refought and reframed, "intellectual property" is the current tool being used to attack our freedoms, but it won't be the last
  • theatre - I love me a bit of theatre, the original 3D entertainment experience 8-)
  • SF&F/sci fi/fantasy/horror/etc - I'm a geek, go figure
  • books - closely linked with the above I guess...
  • music - I love music, live gigs especially... most of my music is brought on vinyl now-a-days which I am still getting used to...

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