The Lowry (Lyric), Salford
Birmingham Royal Ballet
David Bintley
Cesar Morales
Nao Sakuma
Iain Mackay
Tzu-Chao Chou
A poor boy is tricked/blackmailed into retrieving a lamp for an the evil marghrib, finds the lamp has a Djinn who can grant wishes and falls in love with a beautiful princess... It's Aladdin 8-)

This is a new ballet for Birmingham Royal Ballet - in fact it has only previously been performed by the National Ballet of Japan and, as I've come to expect from Birmingham Royal Ballet's new production, is simply gorgeous. The work and love that has gone into creating the sets, in particular the cave of wonders is simply amazing - in no small part because of the rib-cage staircase which brings a contrast to the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites which brings a sense of wholeness to the scene.

The story is Aladdin, simple and well known and well told with humour and fun. The set piece dances of the Jewels and the Djinn's attendants were spectacular and Aladdin's friends dancing as a lion in a good luck dance at the wedding was joyous... ballet brings a new sense to a pantomime horse type role (they rolled over!!).

Yeah, I loved this.