Rough Runner

Two weeks ago saw me completing the last of my Charity Challenges this year - a 5k Rough inyRunner; basically a 5k course with large Total Wipeout-style obstacles.

For those who are coming to this later even than me, two weeks ago was Storm Brian. Yep. I ran a 5k obstacle course the day after a named storm. Hi Brian. Thankfully we ran it on the Sunday and not the day of the storm itself, but it was the muddy aftereffects we had to deal with. It was cold, it was windy, there was rain and, mostly, it was muddy. So very very muddy.

AI Recognition of Sexuality??

The latter half of this week has seen a lot of media reporting on a new study into AI recognising sexuality from face pictures:

Bullock Smithy

This weekend was the big weekend, my first ever , the 56 mile hike over 24 hours in the, aptly named, Peak District. I got talked into this crazy adventure back in January by a colleague. for Albert Kennedy Trust and Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Yorkshire Three Peaks

Yesterday (Saturday 24th June 2017), I did the first of my : The Yorkshire Three Peaks.


Some of you probably know the bare bones of what I'm about to lay out here, but with 100 days to go, I felt today was a good day to "officially launch" the campaign.

I have been talked into doing a rather silly thing... . This is a 56 mile hike.

A 56 mile hike in the Peak District.

A 56 mile hike in the Peak District completed within 24 hours.

And it's happening in 100 days time (and about three hours)

Velvet Rage review

This is a repost from my old, non-functioning site

Role of an MP

This post reposted from my old, non-functioning site

Adventures in Game Pâté (repost)

This post saved from non-functioning old site

For Christmas my extended family gathers and we enjoy almost non-stop feasting (seriously neither side of the family understand 'light' meals, it should go some way to explaining my portion size ideas). This works because we all pitch in. This year I have been perfecting my Sticky Toffee Pudding (which my ) and so had orders to bring some with me.

Sansa's Lemon Cakes

Today I had to make something to take to a Jacob's Table gathering and I (eventually) settled on some cakes. After noticing the chocolate eyes for the were in stock I abandoned the idea of the eyeless version of this recipe so I could do the proper thing next week for Halloween. If not chocolate, then lemon: so I thought of Sansa's Lemon Cakes.

That's not how I would phrase it

Last week I found The Daily Mail and The Daily Express competing with each other on the best way to deal with those of us who think that the vote to leave the UK was fundamentally flawed and the decision outright wrong. They declared us unpatriotic, "bremoaners", trying to "plot" the rise of an EU superstate. The Express, I think, just pipped The Mail to the post with its, rather ominous, call for us to be "silenced".


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