As I start to write this, there are 15-20 minutes before polls open and DAB reception on my radio is sketchy.

I'll be heading out to vote before I go to work and I'll be spoiling my ballot again.

Last night fear of the Tories getting in again had me at maybe 20% willing to hold my nose and vote for Labour, but then .

Homeless people in Manchester have been banned from entering the city’s main public library or using the library toilets after they set up a protest camp outside.

Manchester is a Labour-run council. Very Labour-run. This action truly disgusts me. Homeless protesters have been camping outside the library since mid-April following an anti-austerity march. The council have evicted them to St Peter's Square just around the corner and now they have have banned them using Library facilities.

The excuse given by the council:

The city council said the ban came after protesters attempted to storm the central library and occupy the premises on Tuesday, distressing children and families.

A protest action is being punished because it may have been distressing. This is the situation Labour have left us in. what's distressing about protesting? Exercising free speech in a library?

Or is it homeless people that are distressing? Damn right they are! They are a reminder that we are treating our poor like shit right now (well, even shitter than normal). Worse, they are a reminder for every struggling person that they are but a few weeks or months away from being in that very position.

Distressing - hell yeah! But the answer is not to sweep it under the carpet - we need to tackle these issues. We need to fight austerity. We need to protect the right to protest.

And Labour, in addition to be being Tories in disguise are a great threat to our freedom. They proved this in their last governments and they proved it last night. Rather than working to re-orientate their party after getting kicked out, they doubled down and are currently chasing more and more right wing fucktards.

These options are so far over the precipice that phrases like "the lesser evil" have no real meaning.

Anyway... time to vote...