Did you miss me?

I awaken once more from my slumber. I risk trying to put fingers to keyboard and type out a blog entry which doesn't make me cringe and retreat back into my shell amidst thoughts of do better@. The pure thoughts and ideas running around in my head struggling to coalesce into such mundane things as words.

So I try.

I've just rearranged and tidied my room. Those who do know me will know what it means for me to tidy my room. My normal filing system is chronological and floor-based. Getting from the door to my bed required dexterity I don't really have. Sitting at my computer... let me first clear some space in the seat... hmm... now let me clear some space to move the seat...

Yeah, been a big job.

But it is done. I have moved the big shelf 15cm to the left. I have added more shelves, I have moved my bed and TV. I have more space, somehow. I have floor.

And may this be the rejuvenation my mind needs as well.

x x