Gym update

Well, after six weeks of the "Pure Loser" course, I have lost 2.5kg (about 5lbs)... a tenth of the rather ambitious overall goal. I am now at 107kg. The Body Fat percentage has dropped by 2.5% overall to 34%. This is still in the "how are you not dead" band.

But the raw numbers wasn't what I cared about... It was not looking fat and, well, I still look fat. but, crucially, not as fat... at least around the face... if you look carefully... and I prompt you...

But things are looking better.

In other news, I am no longer scared of my knees giving out or seizing up when I crouch or kneel, I have awful balance and no upper body strength (but can now do five press-ups before collapsing rather than 1).

Now, family doo this weekend, do I take my kilt?

x x