How'd my MP do on Equal Marriage, Pt 2

So, in the first day of the report stage and third reading debate of the Marriage (Same-sex Couples) Bill and I guess this means I have to finish up today.


All done.

Yep, , my MP did not vote - I'm guessing absent.

To be fair, the amendments did seem to be either technical fixes or were withdrawn without vote. The big one of the day was about allowing Humanists to conduct ceremonies. There seemed to be a lot of anger at conflicting advice being given about the amendment in drafting and now being put forward in the debate.

Although I am a member of the British Humanist Association, I am not convinced by the need for Humanist weddings. I'd prefer to see the complete separation of "religion" and state rather than increasing the "religious" involvement.

So no vote was offered on this.

This really left the Third Reading of the bill. 366 MPs voted in favour (including David Mowat who had not previously voted in this stage) and 161 against. Helen Jones though... nowhere to be found.

This is incredibly disappointing. I have written and written and written. The only response I have had is a private message on Twitter after badgering her on the day of the second reading (which showed she doesn't understand Twitter more than anything else) confirming she would vote in favour. Her voting has been on three amendments, two I am grateful for the way she voted, one I admit I don't understand and one contribution to the debate in favour of Catholic teachers.

This is my representative.

Excuse me while I go and cry.

x x