MC Lars

Straight Jackets Legends
Dual Core
Support Notes: 

I only got to the gig part way through the Straight Jacket Legends set a song or two before they were joined by MC Lars for a couple of his tracks, but they were good

Dual Core were a rapper and DJ who were funny and nerdy... reminding me just how much I can enjoy rap and hip hop when I understand and care about what they are talking about

Really must work on my recognition skills... MC Lars was on the merch desk and I only cottoned on part way through conversation and fist bump (oh god, is there anything worse than asking me to high five or fist bump someone I don't really know... I'm not good at that sort of thing).

I had come across a couple of MC Lars songs online but the first time I got him was the last Wheatus tour, now I was the fan at the gig who probably knew least of all... The Kazimier was not exactly packed and it seemed most people could do the verses as well as the choruses... But such fun, Lars starting the mosh pit in the middle of one of his songs, referencing The giver, Spock hands, any self respecting nerd who wasn't there was missing out