Some of you probably know the bare bones of what I'm about to lay out here, but with 100 days to go, I felt today was a good day to "officially launch" the campaign.

I have been talked into doing a rather silly thing... . This is a 56 mile hike.

A 56 mile hike in the Peak District.

A 56 mile hike in the Peak District completed within 24 hours.

And it's happening in 100 days time (and about three hours)

(Why is this the thing I said 'yes' to?)

So I've done some training walks. I've not done as many as I should have done, but I should be picking up soon. I've actually done the hilliest, climbiest part of the route (climbiest is so a word!). At the end of June, I'm doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks as part of the training, but am including it in the challenges for my fundraising.

Yeah... Fundraising. You could see this coming a mile off couldn't you? I'm raising money for Medecins Sans Frontieres and Albert Kennedy Trust. When I'm back home, I'll try and write more about why I chose each of them, but for now there's some basic information on .

Please share that link (or this blog) with anyone who might be interested.

I have two targets, the realistic (I hope) £560 and the "oh my god, what happened?" amount of £1,120 (so each charity gets £560). I am currently trying to work out what I can do if I do reach the "oh my god, what happened?" target; I have vetoed the naked calender suggestion. I am also unable to do the Bullock Smithy in fancy dress. If you do have any suggestions though please let me know.

But for now,

x x