Brexit and fighting back

I've not done any long-form writing recently hence the quiet on here, however I am still busy over on Twitter (where I can react immediately and briefly but still link tweets together into something slightly longer)- . It is difficult to find time to write something long term when I am immediately reacting to it, and then it goes out of consciousness and the key points have been hit on Twitter anyway. However, today I have written to my MP and wanted to share it.

May, the "progressive choice"

Yes, I think any progressive person would agree, . But this is like saying drowning in 7 metres of pig shit is preferable to drowning in 8 meters.

What I have objections to though is the uncritical suggestion that May is better because of her support for same-sex marriage.

Understanding Me

I can sometimes be an idiot. A real, full blown, fool of epic proportions. Usually about myself.

More accurately, my conscious mind can be an idiot, my sub-conscious is a lot better and just gets on with things without bothering to inform the rest of me.

August Reads

Fucking hell is about all I can say really. I mean, I read 11 books, 5,030 pages, in August. This is not something I'm likely to repeat (come on future me, prove present me oh so very wrong) as I had a week off alone in the house and a bank holiday weekend shut away in my room. But, that's not terribly unusual, it's just that, recently, I've had good intentions but then Twitter.

This time, I managed to avoid the need to read every single tweet. It helps I had such good books though:


I went to the Nine Worlds LGBTQ+ Mini Talks session as it was really good last year (and introduced me to Hal Duncan who is amazing and wonderful!). This year though... Ho Boy.

A Woman Leading the Labour Party?

Andy Burnham was asked if it would be great for Labour to have a woman leader and his response - "when the time is right" - has been noted as disappointing (shall we say?). On twitter, someone asked whether someone could come up with a better answer - they summarised the question and answer slightly differently so the attempt* below (by a white, queer, non-binary male who absolutely does not support Labour) bounced around in my head while considering the question "is Labour ready to have a female leader?":

British? Moi?

Letter to my 16 year old self...

Dear Me,

You're 16, bet you didn't expect to find this in your pile of biurthday cards - oh, wait... you don't know what this is do you? Well, I'm you at 32 and your... well, me at 16. And yeah, you don't actually find this anywhere, never mind a pile of birthday cards - I think I'd remember a letter from the future. This is more about me now and nostalgia for you then.

I wrote this as I was reading a collection of similar letters to 16 year old selves, realised my 32nd birthday was coming up and thought, "hey, why not?"


As I start to write this, there are 15-20 minutes before polls open and DAB reception on my radio is sketchy.

I'll be heading out to vote before I go to work and I'll be spoiling my ballot again.

Last night fear of the Tories getting in again had me at maybe 20% willing to hold my nose and vote for Labour, but then .


One of my (many) favourite authors is Ursula K Le Guin, and this month, BBC Radio 4 has been doing a little mini-season dedicated to her. It started with an amazing interview, which at only 30 minutes left me begging for more. So I promptly went and re-read Earthsea.

You know, as you do.


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