That's not how I would phrase it

Last week I found The Daily Mail and The Daily Express competing with each other on the best way to deal with those of us who think that the vote to leave the UK was fundamentally flawed and the decision outright wrong. They declared us unpatriotic, "bremoaners", trying to "plot" the rise of an EU superstate. The Express, I think, just pipped The Mail to the post with its, rather ominous, call for us to be "silenced".

Brexit and fighting back

I've not done any long-form writing recently hence the quiet on here, however I am still busy over on Twitter (where I can react immediately and briefly but still link tweets together into something slightly longer)- . It is difficult to find time to write something long term when I am immediately reacting to it, and then it goes out of consciousness and the key points have been hit on Twitter anyway. However, today I have written to my MP and wanted to share it.

May, the "progressive choice"

Yes, I think any progressive person would agree, . But this is like saying drowning in 7 metres of pig shit is preferable to drowning in 8 meters.

What I have objections to though is the uncritical suggestion that May is better because of her support for same-sex marriage.

Understanding Me

I can sometimes be an idiot. A real, full blown, fool of epic proportions. Usually about myself.

More accurately, my conscious mind can be an idiot, my sub-conscious is a lot better and just gets on with things without bothering to inform the rest of me.

August Reads

Fucking hell is about all I can say really. I mean, I read 11 books, 5,030 pages, in August. This is not something I'm likely to repeat (come on future me, prove present me oh so very wrong) as I had a week off alone in the house and a bank holiday weekend shut away in my room. But, that's not terribly unusual, it's just that, recently, I've had good intentions but then Twitter.

This time, I managed to avoid the need to read every single tweet. It helps I had such good books though:


I went to the Nine Worlds LGBTQ+ Mini Talks session as it was really good last year (and introduced me to Hal Duncan who is amazing and wonderful!). This year though... Ho Boy.

A Woman Leading the Labour Party?

Andy Burnham was asked if it would be great for Labour to have a woman leader and his response - "when the time is right" - has been noted as disappointing (shall we say?). On twitter, someone asked whether someone could come up with a better answer - they summarised the question and answer slightly differently so the attempt* below (by a white, queer, non-binary male who absolutely does not support Labour) bounced around in my head while considering the question "is Labour ready to have a female leader?":

British? Moi?

Letter to my 16 year old self...

Dear Me,

You're 16, bet you didn't expect to find this in your pile of biurthday cards - oh, wait... you don't know what this is do you? Well, I'm you at 32 and your... well, me at 16. And yeah, you don't actually find this anywhere, never mind a pile of birthday cards - I think I'd remember a letter from the future. This is more about me now and nostalgia for you then.

I wrote this as I was reading a collection of similar letters to 16 year old selves, realised my 32nd birthday was coming up and thought, "hey, why not?"


As I start to write this, there are 15-20 minutes before polls open and DAB reception on my radio is sketchy.

I'll be heading out to vote before I go to work and I'll be spoiling my ballot again.

Last night fear of the Tories getting in again had me at maybe 20% willing to hold my nose and vote for Labour, but then .


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